Who I am? Information about myself

Hi, my name is Dan Harabagiu

Visionary IT manager bringing over 10 years of technical experience across diverse industries in both national and international operations. Recognized for talents in IT Architecture, process optimizations and innovation, always providing a fresh perspective on the important topics.

I like to bring clear understanding and transparency in projects where there is only an idea to begin with. I am specialized in streamlining complex processes by facilitating communication, identifying critical points and thinking ahead of the wave to be able to handle all potential ramifications as good as possible.

As a friendly and social person, I like helping others to improve and expand their horizon. Being a self motivated individual who is keen to learn, I keep myself updated with the latest Technologies and Management topics.

Management Skills

  • Planning & Strategy - 100%
  • Process Optimisation - 95%
  • Stakeholder Management - 80%
  • Coaching and Forming - 80%
  • Risk Management - 80%
  • Budget Handling - 65%
  • Change Management - 65%
  • Finance - 55%

Other Skills

  • IT Architecture - 95%
  • Requirements Engineering - 80%
  • Node.JS / JavaScript - 70%
  • PHP - 55%